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    A Campaign Group Is Trolling Tesco's Shelf Displays To Make It Pay Its Employees A Living Wage

    "Only £8.80 per hour".

    When you're next in Tesco, keep an eye on the shelf displays.

    ShareAction says it has "previously asked Tesco to put its ‘Every Little Helps’ slogan into practice when it comes to ensuring no full-time staff are forced to live below the poverty line."

    ShareAction CEO Catherine Howarth said: "Tesco insists its benefit package ensures no employee is condemned to poverty, but pension contributions can't be used to pay the rent and discount vouchers can't heat family homes."

    The charity is working with Citizens UK on the campaign.

    Tesco has responded to the campaign. A spokesman said: “We pay one of the highest hourly rates in the industry, on average between 5 and 8% more than our major competitors. The Living Wage only recognises basic pay, but our reward package is much broader than that. When our colleague discount, Shares in Success scheme and employer pension contributions are taken into account, all our staff receive above the living wage, both in London and in the rest of the U.K.”