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    A Brave, Probably Doomed Attempt To Understand Some Of The Weirdest GIFs On The Internet

    Let's see how many we can manage. This post is kind of NSFW and also really weird.

    1. Erm.

    Where it's from: This didn't take very long. It's from this film review.

    2. Whut.


    Where it's from: Took a bit longer, turned out to be from this video by Cyriak Harris.

    3. Why.


    Where it's from: From this amazing video. Probably one of the best videos on the Internet, in fact. In which a woman who dabbles in animation tries to make a comedy video while singing a Rolling Stones song and just fails in every conceivable way.

    4. Hmm.


    Where it's from: Easy. Long convoluted story but it's from a 90s Apple advert that became a meme.

    5. Weird.


    Where it's from: It's an advert for Big Shake.

    6. Things are getting strange.


    Where it's from: No idea.

    7. Right.


    Where it's from: Uploaded to Tumblr and removed for breaching terms of service, apparently. But most likely a Seapunk creation.

    8. Wrong.


    Where it's from: This was projected on a big screen at a Tobacco concert.

    9. This is starting to make me feel weird now.


    Where it's from: It's from a NSFW short film. Which is basically a parody of a parody of other films.

    10. "I've... seen things you people wouldn't believe."


    Where it's from: fail. Uploaded to Imgur in 2012. Attempts to contact the original poster have drawn a blank. Possibly related to some completely unsubstantiated and hugely libellous rumours that circulated on a couple of web forums in 2007/8.

    11. "I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate."


    Where it's from: It's from a really weird ice cream commercial.

    12. "Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion."


    Where it's from: It's a really disturbing scene in this documentary.

    13. "All those... moments... will be lost in time."


    Where it's from: Not, as many people online claim, from a Japanese milk commercial. It's from a parody of a Japanese milk commercial on this site.

    14. "Like tears... in... rain."


    Where it's from: It looks like it was a submission on this 2005 thread. In case you were wondering it's Gary Busey's head merged with a film called The Gate.

    15. "Time... to die..." / Via

    Where it's from: Appears to be French in origin but that's about as far as I got because I was laughing too much.

    Updated: March 14, 10:32 a.m. GMT: The director of the video from which the GIF is taken has got in touch! His name is Matthew Lessner, and this is his video.

    16. I just need to get off the internet to be honest.


    Where it's from: Don't know. Look how happy he is!

    17. Buseys.


    Where it's from: BUSEY.

    18. This is a thing.


    Where it's from: Does it really matter?

    19. Really starting to think all this is quite bad for you.


    I feel a bit sick.

    20. Why is the what.


    Where it's from: some form of hell.

    21. Wefoijewfoih.


    Where it's from: woifewoifjo