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    A Blind Man Left A Note In A Bookshop Looking For A Reader And The Internet Stepped Up

    Further evidence that people are actually OK most of the time.

    After this request got retweeted over 1,000 times...


    Reader wanted...

    ...for 34-year-old blind man living in Nunhead, SE15. Since I became unable to read 15 years ago, there has been a huge empty space in my life. I got much pleasure from reading, and I would love to find someone to read for me, either once or twice a week in my home in Nunhead. Any possible payments can be discussed on the first meeting. ...

    I look forward to any response.

    Kind regards,

    Andrew Bailey

    ...Andrew Bailey, 34, from Nunhead, has been "inundated" with offers, he says.

    The BBC reported that his carer, Bradley Baxter-Hassell, placed one advert at Goldsmiths University and the other, pictured above, at Foyles on the South Bank. Bailey read American studies at Northampton University, and has "about 100 books he would like to read", according to the broadcaster.

    Bailey suffers from Friedreich's ataxia – a degenerative disease that damages the nervous system and causes problems with movement. He began using a wheelchair aged 11 and was registered blind five years ago – he has difficulty hearing and speaking, now needing round-the-clock care, according to the BBC.

    It makes me feel very good really. There are nice people out there.