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    9 Glorious Infographics Through History

    From the British Library's new exhibition, Beautiful Science.

    1. John Graunt's "Bills of Mortality", 1662.

    2. Eberhard Werner Happel's "Early Ocean Currents", 1685.

    3. Florence Nightingale's "Rose Diagram", 1854.

    4. John Snow's "On the Mode of Communication of Cholera", 1855

    5. Robert Fitzroy's "Air Currents over the British Isles", 1863.

    6. Ernst Haeckel's "The Pedigree of Man", 1879.

    7. "Weather Sentiment vs. Reality", Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute, 2011.

    8. "One Zoom Tree", James Rosindell, 2012.

    9. "Epidemic Planet", GLEAMviz Team, 2013

    This post has been corrected to reflect that fact that some of the information came from Wikipedia.