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23 Individuals Whose Hopes And Dreams Were Brutally Crushed

And this is why you should never look on the bright side.

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1. This guy who's excited the sun's out.

2. This baseball fan who just wants a souvenir.


3. This amorous child.

4. And this amorous child.


5. Luis Suarez.

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6. Bill Clinton.


7. Ellie.


8. Anyone when this happens.

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9. This girl attempting a trick shot.

10. Ben.

11. Anyone who loves a dog with too much sass.

12. And any dog that chases a bigger dog.

13. This person who thought they could get help on the internet.

14. This cat.

15. This titillation seeker.


16. This sloth who wanted a hug but was too lazy to keep asking.

17. Any of BatDad's children.

18. Some browsers when there are other ones available.

19. This guy who wants to try out Zumba.

20. Anyone who tries to give their dog a birthday pancake.

21. This kid whose ability to deal with rejection will never not be funny.


22. Worf in Star Trek: TNG. A lot.

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23. And Leonardo DiCaprio. Every year. EVERY GODDAMN YEAR.