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21 Times Text Messages Are The Only Way To Say It

Because they give a personal touch.

1. When you're running late.

2. When you need to help someone out.

3. When you've been harbouring a secret.

4. When you need relationship advice.

5. When you need to lay down the law.

6. When your reception is cutting out.

7. When you're giving tech support.

8. When you've got a crush.

9. When poopception happens.

10. When you need to tell someone exactly how much you love them.

11. Exactly how much.

12. When you're busy.

13. When you need cookery advice.

14. When you met someone in the club.

15. When you need condoms.

16. When someone dies.

17. When someone got drunk.

18. When things are important.

19. When you need to keep things discreet.

20. When you just have to tell someone what you're doing.

21. When you're high.