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17 People Who Took On The English Language And Lost

It's a tricky language. It's not THIS tricky a language.

1. Anyone angry about the whole human bean race.

2. Anyone who fears for an escape goat.

3. Anyone scared a relative will die of beaties.

4. Anyone who wants to have sex on top of the ifold tower.

5. This person who just wants the kids to get it right.

6. This person looking for sex advice.

7. This motivational speaker.

8. Anyone eating pizzer.

9. Sam.

10. This joker.

11. This budding author.

12. Arron.

13. Anyone who gets angry about their girlfriend being insulated.

14. This person whose house smells.

15. Anyone who just wants to be happi.

16. People getting tared up.

17. And anyone concerned about this health issue.