19 Totally Wild Pokémon Go Locations

    Wait... what?

    1. This strip club.

    Looks like there's a PokeStop at the strip club by work. Don't think this stop was meant for all ages... #PokemonGO

    2. Dick's Big Balls.

    3. The headquarters of the Daily Mail.

    4. This night club and hookah lounge.

    I still find it hilarious that a night club is a pokestop lmao #PokemonGO

    5. This Paranoid Illuminati Wall Art.

    6. The Church of Scientology.

    The Church of Scientology has finally proven its usefulness by being a PokeStop. #PokemonGO

    7. This glass blowing and "alternative merchandise" shop.

    I found it hilarious, this was a Pokestop I saw last night that's near me lmao #PokemonGO

    8. The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club in Wanganui.

    The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club in Waganui, NZ, is a pokestop. #PokemonGo

    9. This person's grave.

    when i die please turn me into a pokéstop

    10. This gay porn shop.

    11. This army camp.

    12. Seattle's ONLY 24/7 mirrored gloryhole maze.

    13. This gym in the MI5 building.

    There's a Pokémon gym inside MI5. I'm not falling for that.

    14. Walter White's house.

    15. This gym in Westboro Baptist Church.

    16. This Poke Stop.

    17. This place for young human entertainment.

    18. The stud barn.

    19. And this woman's house.