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    18 Intimate Portraits Of Same-Sex Couples In The 1980s

    Sage Sohier's portraits of the gay community were taken at a time of great fear over the AIDS virus.

    1. In the mid-1980s, the fear over AIDS was at its peak.


    3. There was a culture of fear and stigma: some feared it could be passed on through day-to-day contact.


    5. Despite the fact people had been contracting it for years, it was only in 1985 that the President even spoke about it in public.


    7. The lack of evidence – and prejudicial beliefs of some in authority – about what was causing it only added to the culture of fear.


    9. And while all this was going on, photographer Sage Sohier was going into same-sex couples' homes and taking intimate pictures of them.


    11. She began the project in 1986, but as she told the New York Times, it took her a while to realise why she'd started it.


    13. According to the paper: "Her father, a World War II veteran and a Boston lawyer, had left her mother when she was a toddler, never remarried, but had live-in boyfriends on and off for the rest of his life."

    14. "He never admitted he was gay."


    16. Sohier has realised, in retrospect, that it was a way for her to connect with him.


    18. The book is available here.