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    15 Extraordinary Pictures Of Abandoned Buildings

    Photos and descriptions from urban explorer Sylvain Margaine's magnificent book, which looks at forbidden and forgotten places.

    1. Villa Zanelli Savona, Italy.

    2. Governor's Tower, Barcelona, Spain.

    3. Seaview Hospital, New York City, USA.

    4. Castello di Sammezzano, Reggello, Italy.

    5. Castello di Sammezzano.

    6. Bulgarian Communist Party Headquarters, Buzludzha, Bulgaria.

    7. Bulgarian Communist Party Headquarters.

    8. Diurno Venezia, Milan, Italy.

    9. Crespi d’Adda power station, Crespi d’Adda, Italy.

    10. Sanatorium Bourguignon Burgundy, France.

    11. Aegidium Cinema, Brussels, Belgium.

    12. Battersea Power Station, London, England.

    13. Stella Brewery, Leuven, Belgium.

    14. Stock Exchange, Antwerp, Belgium.

    15. Salle Sthrau, Maubeuge, France.

    Find out more about the book here.