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15 Delightful Foreign Phrases About Love And Relationships

Sometimes, English doesn't quite cover it.

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Alan White / BuzzFeed /

Valentine's Day is celebrated on two different days - 14 February when girls express their love to boys with these chocolates, and 14 March, when the male returns the pleasure. These are contrasted with giri-choko, obligatory chocolates, which women are obliged to give to all the men in their lives.


Alan White / BuzzFeed /

Hundreds of years ago in China, a poet said of the great beauty Hsi Chi that when she went for a walk the fish dived deeper, geese swooped off their course and deer ran into the forest. Therefore instead of saying a woman is as beautiful as Hsi Chi, one just says "ch'en yu, le yen" - diving fish, swooping geese.

Translations: Toujours Tingo.

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