13 Powerful Images Of People Calmly Facing Death

    Right, Before I Die is a beautiful meditation on mortality by photographer Andrew George.

    Andrew says: "When the idea for this project came to me, the mother of a friend had recently passed away and at her memorial, I marveled at how there was so much genuine love for her."

    "She laughed more than anyone I knew, reacted with sincerity and interest to her friends, and had so much passion in her fearless curiosity to travel and explore different cultures of the world."

    "I thought at length about how people become wise and exceptional in this way, and I’ve come to believe that it is primarily motivated by overcoming the fear of death."

    "This led me to the conclusion that I may find others like her in palliative care, since that population doesn't have long to live."

    "Dr. Kilani sees several dozen patients a week, and every time she encountered someone exceptional who had made peace with their condition and was willing to talk about it, she would pitch my project to them."

    "As soon as I had photographed the first few, I realised that I could learn so much from what I was hearing, wisdom I'd wish I'd had years ago."

    "It became increasingly clear to me how universal this project was."

    "I was haunted by what I was hearing in their stories and beliefs."

    "This is the most difficult project I’ve ever worked on."

    Dr Marwa Kilani has also written an introduction for Andrew's book.

    She adds: "At its onset, palliative care was the root of hospice care: treating those with terminal conditions at the end of life."

    "Attending to the physical ailments as well as the emotional wellbeing, spiritual health and the social dynamics is how palliative care contributes to the overall comfort of each ailing individual."

    "Working alongside Andrew has been particularly rewarding for me as well as my team."