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10 Injuries After Swedish Police Ride Horses Through Anti-Nazi Demonstration

A protest in Malmö on Saturday turned extremely violent.

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On Saturday, an estimated 1,500 protesters gathered in Limhamn Square, Malmo, to protest an appearance by the right wing leader of the Party of the Swedes (Svenskarnas Parti), The Local reports.

Reuters reports that mounted police moved in, and several people were trampled beneath them.

Tt News Agency / Reuters

In a widely-shared post, a furious Tumblr user wrote:

The police respond by riding over people who did nothing but try to let the nazis know that they are not welcome here. 10-15 cops on horses riding over people, continuously, over and over again.

A nazi tried to pull of a woman's hijab, hit her, the cops saw but did nothing.

People are lying bloody on the streets, when people come over to help, the cops tell them no.

The cops have blood on their hands, and they are now, after giving the nazis a ride away from there, standing outside the emergency room to "protect people from violent activists"

The Local says: "A police van also collided with a protester and the incident will be investigated by the force."

The Monitor quotes a police spokesman who claims the protesters were "violent" and throwing rocks.

This video of the aftermath is graphic.

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The Monitor reports there were also six arrests made for violence, public disturbance and wearing masks.