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    19 Father's Day Gifts To Help Your Dad Achieve Peak Dad

    Hey, clichés are clichés for a reason.

    1. A pair of mosquito netting socks.

    Meant to be worn under sandals, natch.

    2. An iPhone charger that is a hunk of driftwood.

    3. A personalized puzzle that says "WORLD'S GREATEST DAD."

    Complete with a cutout wrench.

    4. A ventilated hat that rolls up for packing.

    It's almost as daddish as this visor that retains cold water. Get the hat here.

    5. This grill thermometer that sends alerts to your phone.

    For iPhone dads AND Android dads.

    6. A roulette watch.

    It actually works! Except for like, the part where you gain or lose a whole bunch of real money.

    7. A popcorn maker shaped like the Stanley Cup.

    8. A dispenser that heats up shaving cream.

    Is frigid shaving cream a problem for your dad? Better find out.

    9. A wallet that you can always locate.

    It's got a built-in tracker and "an RFID-blocking lining prevents unauthorized scanning of personal data embedded within credit cards," which is not something I have ever thought to worry about but that your dad probably spends hours Googling in the dead of ten p.m.

    10. Or just get him a Tile so he can track all his stuff.

    11. A set of grilling tools shaped like golf clubs.

    This is like, the ultimate dadly present.

    12. A handheld luggage scale to help prevent airline fees.

    13. Scotch-infused toothpicks.

    14. Unless your dad prefers his golf in cufflink form?

    They're pricey, but didn't your dad provide for you from the day you came into this world, young man / lady?

    15. A heated steering wheel cover.

    16. A bottle opener carved from an actual baseball bat.

    "Waste not, want not." - definitely a dad

    17. A punny paperweight.

    Good one, Dad.

    18. A motorized tie rack.

    Made it through this whole list without suggesting you buy your dad a tie, but he still needs someplace to keep them all!!

    19. Sorry, I lied, this tie has the Constitution printed on it.

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