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    34 Unbelievably Awesome Works Of Art For Sale On Etsy

    It's beautiful that we live in a world where all of these can exist and be readily accessible on the internet. Ever so slightly NSFW.

    1. Fabio Mixed Media Print, $18

    A fitting tribute. Buy it here.

    2. Michael Jackson Mixed Media Print, $18

    You know, a wreath of oranges. Get it here.

    3. Day of the Week Clock, $85

    4. Clockwork Orange Narwhal, $18

    Get it here.

    5. PBR Jellies, $12

    The artist doesn't just restrict herself to narwhals.

    6. Taylor Swift Eye Chart

    7. Opium & Cocaine Bowls, $45 together

    This is not a drill, decoupage is the best.

    8. Shithole Plate, $38

    Get it here.

    9. Rubber Lips, $40

    Get this essential item here.

    10. Tentacle Wall Sculpture, $375

    Get it here.

    11. Burlesque Dog Print, $12

    It's printed on a page from an 1888 German magazine.

    12. Aristocratic Owls, $12

    Show your guests who's boss.

    13. Sir Bill Murray Plaque, $125

    Available here.

    14. Coin Torso, $649

    Get this free-standing sculpturehere.

    15. Abraham Lincoln Bee Necklace, $7

    Wear your art proudly.

    16. Broccoli Necklace

    Get it here.

    17. Fabric Bird Kinetic Scupture, $110

    Perfect for a very highbrow baby's nursery.

    18. Robyn Glitter Painting, $100

    Get it here.

    19. "I Can Show You The World" Furby Print, $15

    True love.

    20. Kale Hates You, $6

    21. Tiny Starry Night, $7

    22. Teensy Mary Cassatt, $8

    23. The Tiniest Great Gatsby Of All, $4.50

    24. Ass Burger, $800

    The perfect way to blow that spare $800 you've had kicking around.

    25. Nicolas Cage Giclee Print, $5

    Get it here.

    26. Leg Sculpture, €4,400.00

    But who can really put a price tag on genius?

    27. Passersby Sculptures, €35.00 for 9

    Like a little city for your mantel or desk.

    28. Rainy Day Penises, $18

    Available from Happenis.

    29. My Dog, $15

    Available here.

    30. Dreamy, $18

    31. Pixelated Mona Lisa, $5

    Da Vinci would be so proud.

    32. Party Sheep, $10

    33. Miniature Crime Scene Diorama, $35

    Get it here.

    34. Tree Obama, $29

    The leader of the TREE WORLD hahahahahhahaha.