Which Annoying Type Of Person On “House Hunters” Are You?

Stainless steel is REALLY IMPORTANT you guys.

    1. A balcony/balcony-desk.
    2. A rotating kitchen sink/colander.
    3. A yard bubble.
    2. A balcony-pool.
    3. A window-seat bed.
    1. Slide-stairs.
    2. A mini-beach and firepit.
    3. A bathtub fireplace.
    1. Omg SO MUCH.
    2. I had a dream about her the other night.
    3. I’ll keep sending HGTV hate mail until she returns.
    4. I actually prefer the soulless disembodied voiceover.
    5. Don’t remind me or I’ll start crying.
    6. They could make a broken oscillating fan the host of this damn show and I’d still watch.
    7. I’m glad she’s gone; maybe now they’ll wise up and put ME in charge.
    8. She’s in reruns so much I didn’t even know she’d left.
    9. Who?
    1. It’s way too small; I need room for all my stuff!
    2. It’s way too small; me and my boo need more space!
    3. It’s much too big; I want to feel cozy and quaint!
    4. There’s a massive infestation of some kind.
    5. I hate being so close to my neighbors.
    6. I’m totally over living with roommates.
    7. I can’t stand being so far away from everything.
    8. I wanna get away from it all.
    9. There’s no sunlight; it’s where plants go to die.

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