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    20 Non-Scrapbook Ways To Remember Your Vacation Forever

    You may only get two weeks of vacation time a year (THANKS AMERICA) but you can make sure those memories last a looooooong time. These ideas also work for weddings, birthdays, and any other occasions you'd like to keep around.

    1. Turn special photos or Instagrams into a lampshade.

    Bonus points if they're a pleasant golden color, like, say, a luscious tropical beachscape.

    2. Or wood-block coasters.

    3. Or wrapping paper!

    True, this idea isn't very good in terms of remembering something forever, but it's a wonderful way to remind someone you love of a special time you shared. And doesn't that kind of good will linger on, y'all?

    4. Correspond photos to where they took place on a map.

    You can track your own trips as well as the whereabouts of people you know around the world.

    5. Send yourself a postcard from your trip.

    I'm a big fan of writing letters to yourself no matter what, but this is an especially good way to bring you back to a moment you dug.

    6. Make a quick and easy keepsake box to store mementos.

    Clearly this person is a world traveler. (Which makes sense because it's by Martha.)

    7. Display loose pictures with clothespins.

    It takes like two minutes and will dress up any bare wall.

    8. Or in an empty frame.

    Spray paint it first to achieve this effect.

    9. Send out your Instagrams to have them turned into a neat little book.

    I know, I know, this is just scrapbooking for the very lazy, but the end product is so clean and appealing that who could really blame you?

    10. Make a memory shadowbox.

    Populate it with a combination of mementos and photos.

    11. Turn photos into magnets.

    Super easy directions here.


    More involved tutorial here.

    13. Or sachets.

    14. Or, if you want to go whole-hog, wallpaper.

    15. Create a memory jar.

    Instructions here.

    16. Create 3D photos for extra realness.

    17. Make a photo calendar.

    The rest of the year will fly by before you know it. Check out Printstagram or do it yourself.

    18. Matte a special photo with a map of where it was taken.

    Directions here.

    19. Make a travel notebook to write down memories.

    20. Turn special photos and maps into pillows.

    You can get the images printed on fabric to make the cuddliest memories of all time.

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