33 Unexpected Gifts For Everyone In Your Life

You’ll be the only person at your Secret Santa handing out these guys, guaranteed.

1. Cat Lady Sweater Brooch

Mroww. Get it for $15.

2. 365-Pack of Underwear

MeUndies sells them for a cool $3,250, but just think of all the time and hassle you’ll save each morning! (You can also get perfectly rad individual pairs for $20.)

3. You Smell Soap

Send a strong message for only $7.

4. IDGAF Sweater

Get it for $21.24.

5. His & Hers Pipes

For the couple that does everything together. Get the set for $69.95.


7. Little Man Ear Cuff

Odds are someone you know will flip over this. And if not, GET NEW FRIENDS. Available for $11.99.

8. Cartoon Nail Decals

Lichtenstein would be proud. Or appalled. Idk. Get a set of 18 for $7.

9. Tim Burton Playing Cards

Add some spook to your cribbage match. Available for $5.

10. Emoji T-Shirt

For the #millennial in your #life. Get it here for $49.84.

11. Needlepoint Phone Case Kit

Make one yourself or give the kit away — it’s only $12.

12. Snow Globe/Sand Globe Salt and Pepper Shakers

Get the set here for $19.

13. Don’t Care Sweatshirt

Let your loved one say it all without saying a word. From $15.95.

14. Oil Absorbing Sheets

Get them here for $5.95 each.

15. Ear Key Ring

Ew/rad. Get it here for £3.99.

16. Slut Teacup

Available here for $28.

17. Pi Cookie Cutter

Settle the pie-vs.-cookie debate once and for all. Get it for $8.33.

18. Driftwood iPhone Dock

Nature meets ~technology~. Available for $55.

19. Ice Cream Cone Soap

Do not eat it, even a little bit. Get it for $6.75 or choose from one of their other myriad shapes.

20. Book-Scented Perfume

For the word nerd in your life. Available for $98.

21. Grass Bookmarks


22. Lord Voldemort Tank

Voldy doesn’t get enough love. Get it for $15.

23. Bandage Sticky Notes

For an accident-prone pal. Get the set for $4.95.

24. Baguette Pen

It’s available for $4.95.

25. Saint Dolly Parton Prayer Candle

All those long-held dreams will be answered at last. Get it for $6.99.

26. Fox Face Underwear

IMPORTANT. Available custom for $39.

27. Dinosaur Crayons

One half toy, one half art supplies. Get a set of six for $8.95.

28. Eat Me Cookie Stamper

Chances are you know a hella sassy baker. Get it here for $16.50.

29. Apple Juice Computer Decal

HAHAHHAHA GET IT?! For sale for $6.99.

30. Kitten Mitt

Protect any cook’s fingers. Available for $7.

31. TARDIS Zippo

Available here for $39.99.

32. Ira Glass Plushie

Snuggle that charmingly reedy voice all night long. $15, and $1 is donated to the show with every purchase.

33. Map Cufflinks

For the world traveler. Available custom for $25.

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