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    15 Life Lessons I've Learned From My Pet Snail

    Take your home with you wherever you go.

    This is my snail.

    I've learned a lot since he slithered into my life. For example...

    1. Do what you love, no matter how small you are.

    2. It's important to feel like your house is a home.

    3. It's worth it to spend money on things you care about.

    i spent $4 on mixed greens tn; i guess this is love

    Like the Really Good Kale.

    4. It's okay to kick back and relax with a few drinks.

    5. There are so many wonderful parts of the internet / world you probably don't know about yet.

    6. Always be blogging.

    7. Celebrate the holidays in style.

    8. Venture outside your comfort zone.

    But it's okay to do it slowly.

    9. Make time to travel.

    10. And to unwind.

    11. Adele karaoke will cure whatever ails you.

    12. Don't forget the little people even when you're famous.

    13. When in doubt, read Annie Dillard.

    14. It's always good to have a friend.

    15. HYDRATE.