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    The 35-Year Evolution Of Victoria's Secret

    It hasn't always been all about rhinestones and leopard-print mesh.

    Victoria's Secret was founded in 1977 by Roy Raymond, a guy who said he was embarrassed to buy his wife lingerie in department stores.

    A catalogue from Victoria Secret's debut year.

    It was a good year for violins and looking blasé.

    By 1979, the brand was selling furry sex shoes. / Via

    The models also posed with glasses of sherry.

    Men started showing up in catalogs and advertisements around the mid-80s.

    So, buy VS bras and underpants in order to please the man in your life? Hope your man buys them for you? Buy these panties and land this man? 1986.

    And they stayed for the next few years.


    She begins to look totally sick of him. 1990.

    Men were out of the picture by 1991 — but the bejeweled thong was on the way in.

    By the early 90s, models were depicted relaxing by themselves, or lounging around beach houses with their independent women model friends. The focus shifted from the “we” to the “me.”

    In 1992: neither feather nor rhinestone tainted this brand's underthings.

    Underwear rode high in 1995.

    The Angels came along in 1998...

    Who needs a vacant-looking man when you have airbrushing?

    ...Along with VS's shift toward complete excess

    Gisele modeling the first-ever Fantasy Bra in 2000. It was covered in diamonds and cost $15 million.

    Now, in 2012, you can buy bras covered in multicolored flowers on Victoria's Secret's website.

    She looks confused. Maybe it's all the colors.

    And ones that add 2 cup sizes.

    You can even buy bras INSIDE OTHER BRAS.

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