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See Just How Little Fashion Shows Have Changed Since The '20s

With fashion, as most things, there are few, if any, new ideas.

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9. Coveted front-row seats remain empty during showtime.

Kirby, Topical Press Agency / Getty Images

Swimwear modeled for business women as part of a "mannequin parade" in England, 1925.

10. You can fondle the clothes the models wear.

Davis, Topical Press Agency / Getty Images

Clothes made from new synthetic silk on the catwalk in London, 1926. Legions of Forever 21 shoppers are forever grateful.


However, there are a few key differences between fashion shows of the '20s and fashion shows today.

11. For instance, today's male models are often expected to walk a runway, instead of stand around smoking.

A.R. Coster, Topical Press Agency / Getty Images

Male models in the Nottingham Showroom wear raincoats and boots (or "Mackintoshes" and "waterproofs" as the Brits say) for a female audience, 1929.

12. With lingerie events, full-coverage slips have made way for Carnivale costumes and synchronized backup dancers.

Galerie Bilderwelt / Getty Images

An underwear show in a private home in Berlin, 1925.

13. Another important distinction: Runways tend not to climax with stairs.

Kirby, Topical Press Agency / Getty Images

Bridal gown modeled at the Messrs Lennards Showroom in London, 1925.

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