See Just How Little Fashion Shows Have Changed Since The ’20s

With fashion, as most things, there are few, if any, new ideas.

1. Fashion shows still take place outside on the street.

Archive / Getty Images

Evening gowns at the Olympia Home Exhibition in New York, 1922.

Fashion’s Night Out, the show, September 2010.

2. And in homes.

Archive / Getty Images

Bridal gown show in a private home in England, 1923.

The post-apocalyptic living room set at Lorick’s Spring 2009 presentation.

3. Also, in beds.

Archive / Getty Images

A fashion show in a restaurant in Berlin, 1925.

The Y Project by Yohan Serfaty at Paris Men’s Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2013.

4. And even on boats.

Brook / Getty Images

A fashion show on the ocean liner Franconia, docked in Liverpool, 1925.

5. Planes are also not ignored as fashion show sets.

Archive / Getty Images

Fashion show on a plane to Miami, 1930. (Not technically the 20s, but close enough.)

Chanel, Spring/Summer 2012.

6. Hats are still ridiculous.

Sasha / Getty Images

Sleepwear modeled in a private home, London, 1928.

Matt Jelonek / Getty Images

Aurelio Costarella, Melbourne Fashion Week 2012

Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images

Ion Fiz, Madrid Fashion Week 2012

Peter Parks / Getty Images

Louis Vuitton, Shanghai Fashion Week 2012

7. Models must act oblivious to their surroundings.

Archive / Getty Images

Evening dress at a showroom, 1926.

Lindsey Wixson falls at Versace’s spring 2012 show, in October of last year. Other model proceeds not to care.

8. Sometimes the runway is a beach.

Paul Thompson / Getty Images

Fashion show in Rye, New York, 1920.

Chanel, resort 2010, in Venice, Italy.

9. Coveted front-row seats remain empty during showtime.

Kirby, Topical Press Agency / Getty Images

Swimwear modeled for business women as part of a “mannequin parade” in England, 1925.

Joanna Mastroianni, Fall 2012, in New York.

10. You can fondle the clothes the models wear.

Davis, Topical Press Agency / Getty Images

Clothes made from new synthetic silk on the catwalk in London, 1926. Legions of Forever 21 shoppers are forever grateful.

Organic by John Patrick, New York Fashion Week 2010

However, there are a few key differences between fashion shows of the ’20s and fashion shows today.

11. For instance, today’s male models are often expected to walk a runway, instead of stand around smoking.

A.R. Coster, Topical Press Agency / Getty Images

Male models in the Nottingham Showroom wear raincoats and boots (or “Mackintoshes” and “waterproofs” as the Brits say) for a female audience, 1929.

A Magic Mike flavor at Emporio Armani, Spring/Summer 2011

12. With lingerie events, full-coverage slips have made way for Carnivale costumes and synchronized backup dancers.

Galerie Bilderwelt / Getty Images

An underwear show in a private home in Berlin, 1925.

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, 2011.

13. Another important distinction: Runways tend not to climax with stairs.

Kirby, Topical Press Agency / Getty Images

Bridal gown modeled at the Messrs Lennards Showroom in London, 1925.

The fall 2012 Stella McCartney show.

14. And child models today rarely double as the gardener.

Archive / Getty Images

A kiddie garden fashion show, 1921.

It’s unclear if he’s supposed to resemble a fabulous lumberjack or Peter Pan. Either way, stylin’. Fendi Kids, Summer 2011

15. Finally, in the ’20s, fashion was a wildly different business because: there was no Choupette.

Or appreciation for cat models, generally.

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