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    30 Insanely Easy Ways To Make Your Road Trip Awesome

    Sometimes you just have to hit the road.

    So you're ready to climb in your car and see all that this glorious country has to offer.

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    Can you EVEN BELIEVE that the Hoover Dam was MADE BY PEOPLE??!

    1. Travel along one of these 11 classic routes.

    2. Or strike out with nothing but a map and a dream.

    And strappy sandals, and a polka dot dress, and a pinwheel, and a... trumpet?

    3. Make a food passport.

    So you're sure to hit up all the spots you planned for.

    4. Use a cereal container as a small, portable trash can.

    Which, most importantly, has a lid.

    5. If you're traveling with kids, pack a separate first-aid/diaper/useful stuff kit so it doesn't clutter your own bag.

    Zip-up makeup cases make awesome (and waterproof) containers.

    6. Make kids a magnetic activity tray.

    Directions here.

    7. And bring along a whole bunch of stuff to use with it.

    8. Play license plate bingo.

    The first person to get a row out of the 50 states gets an ice cream sundae. (Or a whole bunch of booze if they are not a child.) Printable bingo cards available here.

    9. Pack for two weeks with only 13 items of clothing.

    Without doing laundry.

    10. Never lose your child again with these custom tattoos.

    They'll thank you one day when they aren't stranded at a rest stop in Duluth, Minn. Available here.

    11. Play a movie soundtrack to make it feel like you're in a road trip film.

    Or a 19th-century novel of manners but WE ALL HAVE OUR PREFERENCES.

    And on that note, two words: audiobooks, y'all. Buy them, rent them, stream them, love them.

    12. Don't forget to take some time to stare at the stars.

    13. And to feel the wind on your face.

    14. Convert a drink holder into a multi-level container.

    Available here.

    15. A muffin tin makes an awesome Play-doh station.

    With minimal cleanup.

    16. Make the ultimate road trip pillow.

    Peacefully sleep your way through Iowa. (Sorry, Iowa.) Directions here.

    17. Keep small snacks in a tackle box.

    18. And meals (fast or otherwise) in a shower caddy.

    19. Mask that oh-so-familiar McDonald's scent with a homemade air freshener.

    20. For the non-DIYers: buy a cherry pie-scented air freshener.

    Available here.

    21. Or this KITTEN-SHAPED ONE.

    It does not, probably fortunately, smell like kittens, but rather linen.

    22. Invest in a multi-way charger to avoid apocalypse.

    Get this four-way one here.

    23. Collect dirt from everywhere you stop to preserve ~memories~.

    There are tons of non-scrapbook ways to remember your trip forever.

    24. Or stitch your route along a map.

    Directions here.

    25. If you're traveling with a pet, get a spill-proof bowl.

    Available here.

    26. (But remember this essential truth:)

    27. Trick out your car with sticky pads for all your small important stuff.

    Available here.

    28. Or an automatic baby bottle-warmer.

    Get it here.

    29. Or a key that's ALSO A CARABINER.

    30. Remember the power of a good old-fashioned singalong.


    You're ready to hit the road.

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