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17 Incredible Dioramas Made Of Marshmallow Peeps

Some of these will make you uncomfortable, many will make you extremely impressed, and none will make you hungry.

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As part of an office-wide contest, BuzzFeed employees spent many hours and sacrificed many fingers to glue guns in order to make Peep dioramas.

These are the fruits of those labors.

4. BINGO Night

Macey Foronda / BuzzFeed

(Based on the real events of an actual BINGO night we held on Thursday, in which I won an inflatable guitar.)

By Alex Vucetic, Megan Paolone, and Christina Lu

16. Poopin' Peeps

Amaury Moulron

(It's hard for a photo to do this justice; it's srsly weird and wonderful.)

By Vince Pezzutti, Allison Chefec, Jac Yue, Nicole Leffel, and Amaury Moulron

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