17 Incredible Dioramas Made Of Marshmallow Peeps

    Some of these will make you uncomfortable, many will make you extremely impressed, and none will make you hungry.

    As part of an office-wide contest, BuzzFeed employees spent many hours and sacrificed many fingers to glue guns in order to make Peep dioramas.

    These are the fruits of those labors.

    1. Peep-Man and the Mallows of the Universe

    2. Peep Show

    3. Cannibal-Zombie Peeps

    4. BINGO Night

    5. Peep Pond

    (Here is the full narrative)

    6. #GOT Peeps?

    7. Peep Show Part Deux

    8. Peepville Drive-In

    9. Spring Peepers!

    10. "Our Terrifying Future"

    11. BuzzFeed Snackrifice

    12. Carcosa

    13. PEEP S'MORES

    14. Weedster

    15. Servers of the BuzzFeed.com Network Ecosystem

    16. Poopin' Peeps

    17. Flapeep Bird & Peep Pipes