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18 Important Life Lessons To Learn From Knitting


1. Anyone can be a knitter, and anything can be knitted.

2. And the best people in the world are knitters.

3. Knitting, and the time you spend doing it, is priceless.

4. Although bartering is a different story.

5. Always get the good stuff.

6. The joy of a completed project is only matched by the pain of an unfinished one.

7. Stashes are deeply personal.

8. Knitting is incredible therapy.

9. And helps you channel your emotions.

10. Knitting skills can come in handy in the strangest circumstances.

11. Resourcefulness is key.

12. Dream big.

13. Live on the edge.

14. Step away from the internet.

15. Crocheters totally know what's up, too.

16. Haters gonna hate.

17. So hold your head high and keep doing what you're doing.

18. Because while knitting may not solve all your problems, it definitely makes them feel a whole lot less pressing.