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23 Tricks To Take The Stress Out Of Wrapping Gifts

You've found the perfect presents, lugged them home, and now you have to put in EVEN MORE EFFORT?! Never fear: you'll get through this.

1. First, the basics.

2. Use double-sided tape for professional-looking wrapping.

3. Use a toilet paper roll to keep your paper from unraveling.

4. Pringles cans make ideal gift wrap storage (and display!)

5. Also:

6. Cut out half a tree on plain paper for some multidimensional interest.

7. (Or any other shape your lil' heart desires.)

8. A fork helps even the most clumsy tie neat little bows.

9. Don't have a bow? You can make one out of magazine pages.

10. Make a surprisingly easy bow out of paper.

11. Stamp on wooden spoons to make gift tags.

12. Use paint chips to spruce up gift tags.

13. Dress up plain paper with polka dots.

14. Wrap with fabric.

15. Store gift wrap, scissors, ribbons, and whatever else you need in a shower caddy.

16. Use wire to store gift wrap out of the way by the ceiling.

17. If you don't have gift tags, just print some out.

18. Secure ribbon with a binder clip.

19. Get the kinks out of ribbon with a flat iron.

20. Or a lightbulb.

21. No paper on hand? Newsprint can still look great.

22. So can recycled grocery bags.

23. If all else fails, just draw on that ish.