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    How Pinterest Users Are Preparing For The Impending Apocalypse

    The world is supposedly ending on Dec. 21. Are you as ready as these pinners?

    There are a ton of "End of the World" boards.

    There are a bunch of "Apocalypse" boards too.

    And, naturally, "Zombie Apocalypse."

    They suggest stocking up on zombie-destroying axes and DEHYDRAT[ING] EGGS.

    Preserves and weaving stations are a must.

    It's good to know how to build an outhouse.

    DIY your own dental work.

    Store your parachute cords efficiently and sustainably.

    Emergency nonperishables should be displayed in charming artisanal wooden spoons.

    Call birds in style.

    It wouldn't be Pinterest without infinite uses for Mason jars. They make great candles:

    Match holders:

    And stoves:

    There are useful hacks for everyday life.

    And tips that are slightly more specific.

    Don't forget about your four-legged friends.

    Of course, if all else fails, pinners are always ready to throw a party.