How Neat Are You?

Are you a clean machine or a roach landlord?

    1. By recoiling in horror.
    2. By rolling up your sleeves and starting with the silverware.
    3. By enlisting the help of any family members/roommates/unsuspecting passersby in the vicinity.
    4. By adding last night’s saucepan to the pile.
    1. By folding your laundry.
    2. By taking off your pants and throwing them wherever.
    3. You don’t see a problem here. As long as you can find your bed and see (part of) your floor, you’re chill.
    4. By blasting music and not reemerging until the whole place is spotless.
    1. By fainting.
    2. By reminding yourself to grab a roll of toilet paper from the deli tomorrow.
    3. By whipping out the bleach wipes and sighing deeply.
    4. By forgetting to put the seat down.
    1. Stay behind and help clean up. (Especially if you’re trying to make out with the host.)
    2. Get so wasted you spill your drink everywhere and have to be dragged out by your friends.
    3. Leave with everyone else, after spending the whole time in the kitchen reorganizing the spice rack.
    4. Sneak out before it gets awkward/anyone asks you to take out the trash.
    5. Try and kidnap the host’s adorable pet.
    6. Sleep on the couch, wake up, go to brunch, and by the time you get back the whole place is magically clean.
    1. Every time you eat.
    2. When it’s an especially messy meal, and you can usually get it right off.
    3. When it’s an especially messy meal, and then you ignore it for the rest of the day.
    4. Never, you’re not an ANIMAL.

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