Here’s Why You Don’t Give Fashion People A Bunch Of Glass Bottles

A cautionary tale.

1. Once upon a New York Fashion Week, womenswear brand Honor presented a show designed to look like a fairytale wonderland.

Lucas Jackson / Reuters
Brian Ach / Getty Images

Lace and frills abounded.

3. Glass bottles of fancy water were placed on all of the seats.

No calories y’all!

4. Which of course a bunch of people proceeded to knock to the floor such that they shattered while waiting for the show to start.

Alanna Okun

When asked just how many bottles had been broken, the man responsible for cleaning them up wryly replied, “Ha. That I know of?” Then another tinkling crash echoed across the room and he left to take care of the latest casualty.

5. While some culprits summoned help immediately, others simply looked around to make sure nobody saw and edged away from the mess.

Alanna Okun

We see you.

6. But everything was fine and nobody got hurt and all the models skipped away jauntily.

Brian Ach / Getty Images

The end.

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