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18 Gifts For The Laziest Person In Your Life

You're not lazy, you're just incredibly efficient.

1. This lying-down laptop stand.

2. And this flexible charging clip for smartphones.

3. Fitted sheets you can zip on and off.

4. This wall-mounted hair dryer holder.

5. This onesie that turns your baby into a mop.

6. This food-warming Lazy Susan.

7. This machine that's basically a Keurig for cookies.

8. This posture-perfecting chin rest.

9. This hands-free book holder.

10. This remote-controlled mop.

11. This self-mixing hot chocolate mug.

12. This self-turning ice cream cone.

13. This laser-guided beard trimmer.

14. This hook that lets you carry a ton of bags at once.

15. This corn kerneler.

16. This one-handed bottle opener.

17. This laser scratching post that will keep your cat entertained for hours.

18. This cooler you can ride around on.

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