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    Etsy Seller Will Give Your Crappy Gifts A Makeover

    "You send me one of the horrible ugly things you got for the holidays, a birthday, whatever, and I doctor it up."

    Etsy merchant Cappysue has launched a service to make over unwanted gifts.

    For twenty bucks, she'll accept anything that can fit in a medium Priority Mail box and remake it into something different.

    As for what to expect in return: "You are welcome to tell me some favorite things about you like colors, animals that kind of stuff but I am just going to go with whatever comes into my brain and use those as guidelines. You can tell me mature or not mature depending if you care if some genitals show up on the item when you get it back." So no word on whether a customer requested the flaming bird house or it if was the result of her own artistic vision.

    She can also be found on Facebook.

    She also sells clay pendants shaped like penises.

    These require no jazzing up at all and would make truly memorable Valentine's gifts.