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    Jun 5, 2013

    26 Epic Works Of Art Made With Sand

    These'll put your little bucket-and-shovel jobs to shame.

    1. Illuminated Sand Castle

    In Noosa Main Beach, Australia

    2. Dinosaur Sand Sculpture

    Franston Waterfront, Australia

    3. Miniature Sand Castle

    4. Coca-Cola Sand Sculpture

    By sand sculptor Jenny Rossen.

    5. Abstract Face Sand Sculpture

    6. Sand Village

    In Myrtle Beach, SC.

    7. Sand Castle Guarded by Sand Dragon

    Harrison Hot Springs, BC, Canada.

    8. Pig-Burger Sand Sculpture

    In Kiev, Ukraine.

    9. Sand Estate

    Flickr: lawliett

    In Copacabana. Those windows are life-changing.

    10. Sand Horse

    11. Sand Skeleton

    12. Sand Ship

    In Tottori Prefecture, Honshū, Japan.

    13. Charlie Chaplin Sand Sculpture

    The Algarve, Portugal.

    14. Gandhi Sand Sculpture

    15. Sand Cathedral

    16. Couple in Bed as Rendered in Sand

    17. Sand Proposal

    Hope (ha) that she saw it before the tide came in.

    18. Super-Sand-Man

    The Algarve, Portugal.

    19. La Sagrade Familia, Sand-Style

    Flickr: 11683866@N06

    Weston-Super-Mare, North Somerset, UK.

    20. Sand Shark Arising From the Sandy Deep to Attack a Sand Boat

    21. Sand Mansion

    Taken in Brazil by Daniel Yao.

    22. Landscape Made of Sand

    By artist Jooheng Tan.

    23. Sand Angry Bird

    24. City of Sand

    In Murcia, Spain.

    25. Creepy Yet Jolly Sand Octopus

    In Los Angeles, CA.

    26. Probably the Most Impressive Sand Castle of All Time

    Too bad all of these masterpieces will be washed away by the ocean one day. (But maybe that's what helps make them so beautiful.) In Barcelona, Spain.

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