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20 Cats Who Deeply Resent Their Halloween Costumes

Halloween is for people. Leave these guys out of it.

1. This angry strawberry.

2. This pissed-off mouse.

"Look what you've reduced me to."

3. This irate punk r0cker.

4. This furious Yoda.

5. This dinosaur who is plotting your death.

6. This hot dog who would rather be anywhere else.

7. This bitter bee.

8. This vengeful Satan.

"We'll see who's laughing when your new heels become my personal porta-potty."

9. This cracker box who thinks you could have tried a LITTLE harder.

Your upcycling obsession has gone way too far.

10. This cat who is totally overheating.

11. This cat who would sooner get run over by a garbage truck than allow an actual mouse to ride him.

12. This equally disgruntled devil and angel.

13. This cat who's never played Angry Birds in his goddamn life.

"Call me when they make iPhones for non-opposable-thumb-havers, you insensitive brute."

14. This malevolent Dracula.

"At least she didn't try any of that Twilight shit."

15. This brooding pirate.

16. This cow who thinks you should just let cats be cats already.

17. This Cheshire cat who doesn't want you to look at her.

18. This princess and dragon who reject the traditional fairy tale narrative.

"Happily ever after, my Friskies-loving ass."

19. This hula dancer who will dismantle this whole miserable outfit bite by bite, just you wait and see.

20. This bee who just cannot.

If you have a disgruntled (or gruntled!) Halloween cat of your own, add a pic in the comments!