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    Brazil's First Transsexual Beauty Pageant Aims To Battle Prejudice

    And to increase visibility for transgender and transsexual Brazilians. Like any good beauty pageant, sequins abounded.

    Nineteen transsexual contestants competed in the Miss T Brasil pageant for the title of "Miss Transsexual 2012."

    The pageant, which took place this week at the Teatro João Caetano in Rio de Janiero, is the first of its kind in Brazil. Barbara Aires, the head of the Association of Transsexuals and Transvestites in Rio, told the AFP that the organization's goal is to gain visibility, and to show that transsexual and transgender people should be able to choose their own profession independent of stereotypes or prejudices.

    Rodrigo Gorosito/ G1 / Via

    During the five-day competition, contestants went to lectures on human rights and sexual diversity in addition to pageant events.

    The pageant included swim and eveningwear competitions.

    Miss Rio Grande do Sul struts across the stage.

    AFP / Via

    Some contestants did their own makeup and hair.

    That's Marcela Ohio, from the Federal District.

    Rodrigo Gorosito/ G1 / Via

    Marcela Ohio was crowned Brazil's Miss Transsexual 2012.

    She'll go on to compete in the Miss International Queen pageant in Thailand, which begins November 2.

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