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25 Clever Products That Will Make Your Office So Much Better

Mondays: now 50% more like Fridays!

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Amy Sefton / BuzzFeed

1. A charging dock that turns your iPhone into a phone-phone.

For maximum ear-to-shoulder gripping capacity.

2. A teeny-tiny desktop fridge.

Never again will your leftovers fall prey to Steve in I.T.

3. A keyboard that's actually washable.

For when you accidentally pour the beer from your mini-fridge all over it.

4. This desk vacuum that looks like R2-D2.

WEEEEEooop beep boop beep!

5. A chameleon tape dispenser to keep you company.

He'll always ~stick~ with you.

6. A foot hammock to hang under your desk.

Because your feet deserve better than the floor. Available here.

7. These very special plush s'mores warmers for your feet...

Powered by USB!

8. ...and these adorable toasty warmers for your hands.

For those fun days when you've already complained to facilities six times and it's still below freezing.

9. While you're at it, why not warm up your mug, too?

10. A frickin' laser-projection keyboard.

It connects with Bluetooth and works anywhere you can find a flat surface. THE FUTURE IS HERE.

11. Erasers that let you use your pencil as a sword.

Settle your beef with a coworker the honorable way: a (pencil) duel.

12. A magic stapler that doesn't even need staples.

It uses a little strip of paper to fasten your document to itself. Witchcraft!

13. An ostrich pillow that will let you nap anywhere.

Reminder: Just because you can't see them doesn't mean they can't see you.

14. Alternatively: a "productivity-boosting nap pod"!

On the one hand, it'll cost you a cool $16,000. One the other hand, you could probably claim it as a tax write-off?

15. These sweet donut sticky notes.

Donut forget to get them.

16. Spooky but cool putty that will clean all your electronic gadgets.

Wanna cyber?

17. A discreet elliptical machine to keep under your desk.

If you're going to develop chronic carpal tunnel syndrome, you may as well have calves of steel.

18. An extremely glamorous stapler.

Probably best not to let anyone borrow it.

19. And a badass shark-shaped staple remover.

You say, "Do I really need a decorative staple remover that costs $78," but I say, "Do you or do you not want your colleagues to fear and respect you?"

20. A desktop basketball set.

Keep that arm sharp, buddy.

21. A stylish cord wrapper to keep all your chargers from fighting with each other.

Or, you know, falling in love and creating even more cords.

22. An office chair that's also an exercise ball.

They say that those who bounce up and down constantly are 33% more productive.

23. A beautiful humidifier that's USB-powered.

So sleek you can pretend it's just a useless sculpture.

24. A "stealth switch" that can minimize all your embarrassing tabs at once.

You keep it on the floor, and whenever your boss walks by just tap it with your foot to shut down any sites or apps you don't want them to see.

25. And for the high roller: an office chair made out of the recycled chassis of a Vespa.

What do you get for your $2,200? A chair that is "almost Ferrari-like in its comfort" and yet "propulsion for this Vespa is provided by its occupant," which is complete bullshit.

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