19 Insanely Clever Gifts You’ll Want To Keep For Yourself

You’ll solve everyone’s problems in one fell swoop. Unless you *forget* to give them away, that is.

1. Waterproof Notepad

For when inspiration strikes in the shower. Available for $7 each.

2. Chilled Beer Cork

It’s called the Chillsner and it’ll keep any bottle beer ice-cold when you drink it. $29.95 for a pack of two (so you can give one AND keep one).

3. Transparent Book Weight

It’ll keep your loved ones’ pages flat while eating or drinking.

4. Gigantic Wine Glass

It holds a full bottle for only $15.95.

5. Keychain Phone Charger

Get it here for $39.95.

6. Cutting Board Wine Holder

For maximum schmoozing and boozing. Get it for $26.

7. Portable Humidifier Cap

For only a few bucks, any water bottle can become a life-giving source of air moisture. Give it as a pointed gift to that one dude in your office who won’t stop coughing.

8. Divided Pasta Colander

It’s perfect for figuring out healthy portions and for making a bunch of different kinds of pasta at once (let’s be real, one of those reasons is more important than the other). Available for $8.89 each.

9. Edible Ink Pens

Every cookie will become a canvas. Get a set of 10 here for $14.24.

10. Multitasking Storage Water Bottle

For the gym rat in your life. Available here for $12.99.

11. Bobble Toothbrush Stand

A toothbrush stand might seem like a lame gift until the recipient realizes that they’ll NEVER KNOCK THEIR TOOTHBRUSH OVER AGAIN. Get it for $12.99.

12. Personalized Luggage Tag

It’s the sweetest way to do baggage claim. Available for $52.

13. Can Handle

Who wants a can when they can have a stein? Buy it for $7.

14. Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard

It projects a keyboard onto any flat surface for your friends on the go. Available for $98.

15. Personal Water Fountain Spout

For a germaphobe you love anyway. Get it for $5.95.

16. ForkChops

For the finicky eater who wants to branch out. Get them for $5.99.

17. Bike Tire Lights

So your biker pal is super visible at night. Available for $6.96 each.

18. Floating Mug

Perfect for someone who’s forever making you use a coaster. Get it here for $15.

19. 3D Printing Pen

It’s called the 3Doodler and it will make anyone’s dreams come true. Preorder for $99.

Here are even more awesome gift ideas:

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