30 Ways To Instantly Transform Your Workspace

    Whether you have a home office or squeeze your stuff into a cubicle, these handy tricks will make working a little less insufferable.

    1. Store small items in a spice rack.

    2. Never spill again with this portable drink holder.

    3. Keep papers and pens neat with an organizer made from an old frame.

    4. Turn a frame into a dry-erase to-do list.

    5. Make these colorful organizers out of tin cans.

    6. Stack them to save space.

    7. Cover them in chalkboard paint for easy labeling.

    8. Happen to have a spare Slinky? Use it to hold your writing utensils.

    9. Keep your cables neat with this desk-mounted organizer.

    10. Attach a small hook underneath your desk to keep cords out of the way.

    11. Label cords with bread tags.

    12. Binder clips make great cord catchers.

    13. Trick out a file cabinet with squares of wallpaper.

    14. Create a corner shelf with room for paper storage out of a magazine rack.

    15. Use the sleeve from your morning coffee to ensure your earbuds don't get tangled.

    16. Keep loose papers out of the way by attaching clipboards to the wall.

    17. Use one to display your to-do list.

    18. Make over your desk chair.

    19. Make a compact charging station out of a lotion bottle.

    20. Store supplies in an under-the-shelf wine rack.

    21. Line the back of a bookshelf with contact paper to give it some life.

    22. Build your own bookshelf using crates.

    23. This beautiful bookshelf is made from Ikea crates secured with binder clips.

    24. Pegboards are great space-savers.

    25. Attach baskets to pegboard for accessible paper storage.

    26. This keyboard memo pad makes taking notes and writing down important reminders (with a pen! In your hand!) easy and unobtrusive.

    27. Keep small items in ice cube trays.

    28. Use a dishrack as a ready-made filing system.

    29. Decorate boring binders with iron-on transfers.

    30. Rolling file cabinets make it easy to rearrange your space quickly.