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27 Ideas For Awesome Accent Nails

Next time you're in the mood for nail art, paint all ten nails and try giving just one of them a little extra pizzazz. Also known as "party nails," sometimes they're the best way to play with nail art if you're too lazy to do all ten fingers.

1. Metallic tape art:

Nail art with tape is surprisingly easy and awesome. Find this tutorial at Chalkboard Nails.

2. Pretty, easy herringbone:

Tutorial from The Beauty Department. Thanks, LC!

3. Yes, that's a real feather:

Chloe's nails has the full instructions.

4. You could also use snake skin:

Instead of doing all ten, as pictured, you might try just one. And you don't have to skin any snakes — Fab Fatale recommends getting some skin a snake has already shed from a local pet store. Tutorial, with video, here.

5. Studded V-gap nail:

Will we ever run out of things to stud? Tutorial here.

6. Floral nail:

This is just a decal; get detailed instructions on applying those here.

7. Another beautiful use of decals:

Next time you pick some up, get the same pattern in different colors.

8. Spike nail:

9. Studded nail:

Less dangerous, just as edgy.

10. Black on black:

This is where matte polish comes in handy. Full tutorial here.

11. Tribal print:

This was done freehand, but you could fake it with a decal.

12. A little bit retro, a little bit modern.

Teen Vogue has full instructions.

13. Some accent nails are fruity:

PINEAPPLES!!!! Tutorial at Polish You Pretty.

14. Dandelions:

Video tutorial here.

15. A quirky moustache:

Moustache how-to video here.

16. Tie-dyed nails:

Wear ironically if you must. At The Painted Pony Nails.

17. Mixed prints:

Get Ya Nails Did explains this mix-and-matched process.

18. Blue-and-white freehand print:

If you want your nails to look like china.

19. Gingham:

20. Proenza Schouler-inspired:

21. Zebra!

Another idea easily attainable with nail stickers. Sally Hansen has a great selection available at drug stores.

22. Lightly bedazzled:

23. Heavily bedazzled:

Learn how to apply nail gems here.

24. Monochrome hearts and beads:

You could reverse this manicure as well.

25. Metallic and neon:

An unexpected color combo that's easy to DIY.

26. Text makes a (pun intended) statement:

You can write with a Sharpie, or use newspaper strips for nails. Tutorial here.

You can also use regular newspaper. Tutorial (in French — use Google translate) here.

27. Map nails:

All ten fingers might be overkill, but try doing one map nail at a time. Video tutorial here.

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