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27 Ideas For Awesome Accent Nails

Next time you're in the mood for nail art, paint all ten nails and try giving just one of them a little extra pizzazz. Also known as "party nails," sometimes they're the best way to play with nail art if you're too lazy to do all ten fingers.

1. Metallic tape art:

2. Pretty, easy herringbone:

3. Yes, that's a real feather:

4. You could also use snake skin:

5. Studded V-gap nail:

6. Floral nail:

7. Another beautiful use of decals:

8. Spike nail:

9. Studded nail:

10. Black on black:

11. Tribal print:

12. A little bit retro, a little bit modern.

13. Some accent nails are fruity:

14. Dandelions:

15. A quirky moustache:

16. Tie-dyed nails:

17. Mixed prints:

18. Blue-and-white freehand print:

19. Gingham:

20. Proenza Schouler-inspired:

21. Zebra!

22. Lightly bedazzled:

23. Heavily bedazzled:

24. Monochrome hearts and beads:

25. Metallic and neon:

26. Text makes a (pun intended) statement:

27. Map nails: