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23 Insanely Clever Products You Need In Your Life

Having a paycheck sure was fun while it lasted.

1. A bag re-sealer.

For those rare times you *don't* finish a bag of Cheetos in one sitting.

2. A shower wineglass holder.

Because the only thing better than shower beer is shower wine.

3. A safe with a timer to help you avoid temptation.

Or at least control it.

4. Spice containers that automatically measure out exactly how much you need.

Unless you enjoy mistakenly drenching your soup with paprika, of course.

5. A thermometer that works through your smartphone and provides treatment advice.

It even helps you track illnesses going around in your area and records every bit of information for future check-ups.

6. An atomizer for your citrus.

So instead of cutting open and squeezing a lemon or lime to get the juice, you can just stick this tap in.

7. A beach bag with a mesh bottom.

Sand will never invade your precious tote again. (There's also a more masculine version, a clutch, and a backpack.)

8. A magnetic wristband to keep screws, nails, and needles close by when you're working on a project.

9. A cooler that does literally everything.

It's got wireless speakers, lights, a charger, a bottle opener, multiple storage compartments, and a rechargeable blender. Find it on Kickstarter.

10. Combo scissors/tape.

Make gift-wrapping a breeze.

11. A highlighter that uploads scanned text to your computer.

Great for taking notes on the go.

12. A cake mold for individual slices.

Life's too short to choose between chocolate and vanilla.

13. A dustpan that cleans your broom.

So you're not just shuffling debris around your floor.

14. A microchip-activated pet food bowl.

15. Sheets that actually tell you how to orient them.

So remaking your bed three frustrated times will become a thing of the past.

16. An LED faucet that makes hot water look red and cold water look blue.

Perfect for young children (and easily entertained adults).

17. A dual showerhead/wireless speaker.

So you can belt to your Frozen-loving heart's content.

18. An inflatable pillow tie.

So you can sneak naps in between meetings.

19. A freestanding badminton net.

Impromptu Badminton is, incidentally, my DJ name.

20. A hook that makes carrying a ton of bags way easier and more comfortable.

Whether you're hauling grocery bags or luggage.

21. A portable laundry pod.

Perfect for traveling or small spaces sans laundry rooms, this isn't large but it'll take care of your delicates handily.

22. A hands-free book holder.

Because why should e-book enthusiasts have all the perks?

23. A razor pod that protects blades and keeps them sharp.

So you don't have to fork over half your life savings on new blades (and can save it for this stuff instead).

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