19 Ways To Highlight Your Engagement Ring With An Accent Nail

In case the rock on your finger isn’t attention-grabbing enough.

1. You can paint a sparkly accent nail to match your diamond.

5. Give your nail some jewelry of its own.


A small plastic flower might make typing hard, but dance what you feel.

8. Add a design.

Knuckle tat optional.


She was heading off on a cruise, NBD.


Save this one for Christmas (unless your fiancé happens to be fat and bearded and wears a lot of red).

15. If your ring is a special color, you can get matchy.

16. Stay subtle* and metallic.

*relatively speaking

18. Or go full-on caviar.

Wow your friends and stop your haters in their tracks.

19. Inscribe your beloved’s initials where everyone will see them.

Because it’s not true love until it says so on your nails.

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