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19 Creative Costumes For Babies Who Are Too Young To Walk

Enough with all the pumpkins. There are plenty of other outfits for infants that look best when worn crawling.

1. For example, you could always dress your baby as a pot of spaghetti.

Spaghetti isn't capable of moving unaided.

2. Or stuff him in a basket and call it a picnic.

Picnics don't walk at all, ever.

3. A frog in a basket works too.

4. Or even a monster.

Do baby monsters generally walk? Unclear.

5. A crawling baby makes for a great turtle.

6. Or taco.

Be honest: when was the last time YOU saw a taco walk?

7. A sleeping baby unwittingly becomes a bookworm.

8. Candy corn isn't known for its mobility.

9. A baby who just wants to lie on his back makes for an excellent turkey.

10. Or sack of potatoes.

11. This hot dog is frustrated by his inability to go anywhere.

12. This mermaid would rather swim than walk anyway.

13. This flamingo is perfectly happy to stay where it is.

14. So is this shark.

15. This little mouse is caught in a trap. / Via

At least he has a sweet ride.

16. Maybe Link from "Legend Of Zelda" will come to the rescue.

As soon as he gains control over his arms and legs.

17. Yoda is wise enough to stay put on the couch.

18. This elephant dreams of the day it can go trick-or-treating with its friends.

Instead of being wheeled around in some lame stroller.

19. This owl plans to skip walking entirely.

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