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    16 Super-Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

    If you have makeup, you have a Halloween costume. If you still haven't bothered — or been able — to pick anything up, just do up your face with cosmetics you already have and you're good to go.

    1. Give yourself a doll face.

    2. Or, do simple lion makeup.

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    Top it off by putting your hair in cat ears with BuzzFeed Shift's easy video tutorial.

    3. Or zebra makeup!

    4. Or do a skeleton if you're feeling spookier.

    5. This bird look is maybe one of the easiest.

    6. For makeup artistes, try this spider queen eye makeup.

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    You could just stick to the eyes, or apply the whole look for a more dramatic version.

    7. If you're really in a pinch, there's always Honey Boo Boo.

    8. Get tech-y with this eye makeup look:

    9. Lacy:

    10. Sp-eye-der webs:

    11. Batman:

    12. Leopard-print:

    13. Of course, if you're really not into the idea of doing much at all, you can always just paint your nails. Like this candy corn manicure:

    14. "Bloody" nails will look kind of cool post-Halloween.

    15. Mummy nails are easier to create than you might think.