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    15 Things You'll Find At A Church Service For Clowns

    The annual Clowns Church Service is held every year in London to commemorate the life of celebrated English clown Joseph Grimaldi.

    1. A church that's more crowded than a clown car.

    2. Lots of gossip.

    3. Law enforcement.

    4. Clergy, clowns, and puppets uniting as one.

    5. Tiny hats.

    6. Flawless fashion.

    7. Even more flawless footwear.

    8. Topical cakes.

    9. And the cutting thereof.

    10. Fluffy toilet brushes?

    11. Rapt attention.

    12. Not-so-rapt attention.

    13. Beige food.

    14. Not-so-beige makeup.

    15. Remembrance.