15 Things You Can Make With Your College Rejection Letters

    Harvard makes a very pleasant hat.

    1. Princeton doesn't want you? That's cool, now you have a top hat.

    2. You don't need Michigan's love when you can make your own.

    3. Dream bigger than Cornell with these delightful paper clouds.

    4. Who cares that you didn't get into Stanford with a new friend like this elephant?

    5. Come on, is UCLA REALLY better than this chicken?

    6. This dog will be your loyal buddy even though you got turned down by both your parents' alma maters.

    7. This seagull went to his fifth-choice school and he turned out just fine.

    8. Let your MIT troubles fly away.

    9. While you're at it, send Wesleyan, NYU, and Pomona off into the great blue yonder too.

    10. It's okay that you and your friends got turned down by Yale; without all those letters, you'd never have enough paper to make this friendship hat.

    11. Make a basket (to hold all your acceptance letters!) out of the scraps of Deep Springs' callousness.

    12. Duke would have been okay, but having an entire paper village is the best.

    13. Brown < boats.

    14. Bye UPenn! Hello, tiny little shirt and tie!

    15. And if all else fails: