10 Women Who Beat Lena Dunham To "Not That Kind Of Girl"

The Girls star and creator reportedly received a $3.5 million advance for her new book, which has the working title Not That Kind of Girl: Advice from Lena Dunham. But the chances of it actually coming out with that title seem slim given that tons of people have already used it.

First up, the authors.

1. Susan Donovan

This is the third book in a trilogy called “Dog Walkers.” A sample line from the description: “The more Eli gets to know Roxie, the more he senses that she’s been hurt by men in the past — just like her dog.” Available on Amazon.

2. Catherine Alliott

This novel is a woman named Henrietta Tate who moves to the countryside and starts working for a historian named Laurence de Haviland. The synopsis contains enough exclamation points to indicate that they probably fall in love. Available at Amazon.

3. Carlene Bauer

This memoir follows the author from a sheltered Evangelical childhood to a religion-less coming-of-age in New York City. Buy it at Amazon.

4. Siobahn Vivian

“Being sensible and strong isn’t easy,” reads the description of this high school-set novel. “Not when a prank nearly gets her expelled. Not when her advice hurts more than it helps. Not when a boy she once dismissed becomes the boy she can’t stop thinking about.” Get it from Amazon.

5. Susan Polis Shutz

This poetry collection appears to be about nature and relationships, and is available at Amazon.

6. Carlotta

This is the biography of the first Australian to undergo a legal sex-change operation, which adds a whole new layer of meaning to the title. Available at Amazon.

“Not That Kind of Girl” is also popular in the music world.

7. “Die Happy” (Real name: Marta Jandova)

Buy this rock single called “Not That Kind of Girl” from Amazon.

Or check out the video here:

Warning: this video feature man butts. And they’re not pretty.

9. Marti Webb

This album is available at Amazon. Not sure where you can find the dress, but keep an eye out.

10. Jojo

And who could forget “Not That Kinda Girl,” that gem of a track off of JoJo’s self-titled 2004 album? The best comment on the video is “Thumbs up if you’re still listnin to this in 2011!!!” There are 28 thumbs up. So you know what? Lena is in good company.

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