10 Bizarre Pieces Of "Girls" Fan Art

There’s no creepier way to show how excited you are for Season Two than by wearing Zosia Mamet’s face as a ring.

1. GIRLS Plastic Rings

They’re a bargain at only $8 a pop.

Poor Shoshanna.


2. Girls/ Charlie Brown Christmas Card

I can’t even begin to understand this, but I have an inkling that it’s mind-bogglingly brilliant.

3. Bushwick Loft Party Drawing

This is bizarre in a totally awesome way. And again, poor Shoshanna.

4. Lena Dunham Pop Art Print

Get yours here.

5. Earrings

Buy them here.

6. Lena Dunham Pin

Available here.

7. “We’re The Ladies” Print

We are. Buy it here.

8. “Crack Spirit Guide” Print

If displays of pantsless sprinting are more your thing. Buy it here.

9. Jessa Drawing

The blasé face is spot-on.

10. Lena Dunham Spray-Painted Record

Get yours here.

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