A New "Captain America" Porn Parody Is Happening And Cap Looks Just Like Ryan Reynolds

    "I'll fuck you til the end of the line."

    As has long been fated, Captain America has a new porn parody inspired by the recent Marvel movie Civil War.

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    Truly this was the most inevitable thing.

    The production, brought to us by Men.com, stars Alex Mecum as Cap. Notice that he looks a lot like Ryan Reynolds!

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    He's also touting the beautiful catchphrase "I'll fuck you to the end of the line."

    ICYMI, in the Captain America movies "I'm with you til the end of the line" is something Cap and Bucky say to each other all the time as a signal of their friendship and undying love.

    The official Men.com Twitter account is also marketing the film at least partly as a response to the hashtag #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend. So there's that.

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    So clearly Cap and Bucky (played by Paddy O'Brian) are present and accounted for, ready to fuck til the end of the line.

    But there's also Nick Fury, played by XL!

    And Black Panther!

    The promo materials tease some interesting dynamics as of yet unexplored in the Marvel movies.

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    Noticeably absent: Fancy tricks with Bucky's vibranium arm; Falcon and all the things he could maybe do with Redwing; taking the Hydra logo to the next level (thankfully).

    But just know that, somewhere, Steve Rogers is having a real good time.

    This your thing? Follow your heart.