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A "Supernatural" Writer Got Dragged At Comic-Con After A Fan Asked A Question About Fridging

That awkward moment when your boss gets called out for a decade of fridging.

San Diego Comic-Con took place this weekend, which of course meant that one of the most active fandoms out there was heavily represented.

One fan asked executive producer Jeremy Carver about an issue that's been plaguing the show for much of its run. (WARNING: Spoiler alert for Season 10 of Supernatural.)

Supernatural fans will likely recognize the issue at hand, considering the show's relationship with its female characters has long been called out by cast and fandom alike.

Pay special attention to the cast's reaction to the question posed at SDCC.

Settling in for the show.

Various cast members laugh, with Mark Sheppard (who plays Crowley) straight-up clapping.

Carver defended the decision to kill Charlie Bradbury (Felicia Day), citing that it's where the story's "[taken] us."

Though curiously he didn't really mention all the other times the story's "taken" them there.


You can watch the awkwardness for yourself here.

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Thumbnail image via Kevin Winter / Getty Images.