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13 Reasons "Agent Carter" Should Live To See Another Season

ABC's Agent Carter is in danger of cancellation. This is a terrible limbo to live in. Chant with me now: Peggy! Peggy! Peggy!

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1. Hayley Atwell is an undeniable star.

Marvel Studios

Dat charisma, tho.

2. There's so much of Peggy's story still begging to be told.


Her story is just beginning; there's so much left to explore.

3. For example, we still haven't seen the founding of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Marvel Studios

C'mon now, we've gotta get a glimpse of that.

4. The first season genuinely got better with each episode.


Which means Season 2 will be even better than the first.

5. There's a lot of room for this show to evolve into something truly memorable.


Iconic, even. This is Marvel, after all, and TV takes longer to craft icons than movies do. Gotta give it more time to gestate.

6. And so much room to improve on what they already have.


The first season was made in kind of a bubble, with a production schedule that didn't allow the writers or performances to tweak anything about the run of episodes as the series started to actually air. The second season, then, has the opportunity to actually react to/incorporate some of the criticism the first season received re: representation and other things. And I believe they'll do it. But first we have to give them the chance.

7. Peggy is an important character to have on TV.


We don't actually have that many action-y series centered so completely around a female character — let alone shows like that named after that character. Peggy is a woman born before her time, but our time also still needs her.

8. Her fighting style is legit delightful.


She just bowls people over. There are perks to the heavily choreographed stylings of, say, Black Widow or Melinda May, but seeing her just rail at people with briefcases and staplers is so cathartic.

9. And she fits in well with ABC's cadre of female heroes.


This is the network that has Olivia Pope, Meredith Grey, Emily Thorne, and Annalise Keating. Peggy fits in with that crowd without being derivative of them, with the added bonus of adding in some genre fun with the superhero connections and the period flair.

10. It never got the huge ratings it deserved, but it's already beloved by its audience.


Cult fandom should mean something to companies like Marvel/Disney, is all I'm saying. Supernatural's survived 11 seasons (and counting) based on that very principle.

11. The ratings could get a nice uptick in the wake of Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Marvel Studios / Via

If this is all about ratings, there are ways to raise the show's profile. Who's to say Atwell's cameo in Age of Ultron won't stoke the fires of fandom and result in higher Season 2 ratings? HOW CAN WE KNOW IF WE DON'T RENEW IT?

12. Steve Rogers would be disappointed in you if you cancel this, ABC.

Marvel Studios

He wouldn't stand for this. Just something to consider.

13. For real though, Hayley Atwell needs more time to be embraced as the superstar she is.

ABC / Via


C'mon, ABC, you can do this.

Chant it with me now: "PEGGY! PEGGY! PEGGY!"

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