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At Long Last, Rami Malek Has Addressed His Appearance On "Gilmore Girls"

Long live Andy.

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Back in 2004, Rami Malek appeared on a little show called Gilmore Girls as a young man named Andy who just really loved his pastors.

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Now, in 2016, Malek is an Emmy winner starring in Mr. Robot. He's all fancy and shit.

Frederic J Brown / AFP / Getty Images

Recently Vulture caught up with him in Toronto and did the world a great big favor: They asked him to reminisce about his time on Gilmore Girls.

Malek had to dig back a bit into the memory banks.

Vulture / Via

And we've got some bad news about Andy: He's dead. In Malek's heart, at least.

Vulture / Via

But don't worry, he'll always remember how goddamn fast they all talked.

Vulture / Via

RIP Andy, the sweetest of angels ⚰.

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