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The Emotional New "Star Trek Beyond" Trailer Hints That Rihanna Might Be A Trekkie

At the very least she provided the music.

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There's a new Star Trek Beyond trailer, you guys, and Rihanna has made it very emotional.

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Her new single, "Sledgehammer," is featured all up in it, and it's the perfect accompaniment to what's promising to be a Star Trek movie more contemplative and soaring than the two that came before it.

If you saw 2009's Star Trek, you may recall that it featured a pre-Thor Chris Hemsworth as dad to a wee James Tiberius Kirk.

Paramount Pictures

Very, very wee — we only see Hemsworth in the scene in which a pre-Once Upon a Time Jennifer Morrison is giving birth to lil' Jimmy. Then Papa Kirk dies, big-time.

And these emotions happen to the tune of Rihanna's new single, as they should. And the cover art makes her look like a beautiful goth space princess.

Paramount Pictures / Via Twitter: @rihanna

Which is pretty much the Rihanna of our dreams (and the Rihanna she's always been).